As an early investor in Bitcoin, an expert on the world of FinTech, and an advocate for monetary reform, it’s no exaggeration to call BnkToTheFuture founder Simon Dixon an oracle on the crypto industry. Simon joins Jason Butcher on Off the Ledger to share his thoughts on the evolution of cryptocurrencies, how it is reshaping traditional financial systems, and why Bitcoin remains the single most disruptive idea to the future of finance.

0:00 Intro

2:19 The evolution of the crypto industry

4:55 VCs & Wall Street integrate into the crypto space

7:00 Tapping into the network effect of the crypto market

9:58 The perfect storm for crypto adoption

15:33 Good regulation vs. bad regulation

18:02 The centralized & decentralized finance equilibrium

21:22 Creation of BnkToTheFuture

26:52 From equity crowdfunding to securities

29:20 Fiat currency is debt-based, cryptocurrency is equity-based

36:38 How crypto has influenced younger generations to save and invest

42:15 Why Bitcoin remains the most disruptive idea for monetary reform