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Blockchain Meets Healthcare

Lecture with Heather Leigh Flannery from Equideum Health | GBI Blockchain Academy Spring 2022 Heather is the Founder and #ChiefExecutiveOfficer of #Equideum Health, formerly ConsenSys Health. She chairs the IEEE SA Open P2418.6 Standards Development Working Group (#blockchain in #healthcare and #lifesciences), served as FY19 and '20 Co-Chair and FY21 Chair of the global HIMSSContinue reading

Lecture: Damian Culhane talks about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Beyond

How exactly does Cryptocurrency work? How our future lives are going to change when we start using this new currency and how ‘soon’ that future is? In this TEDx talk Damian Culhane explains in an easy-to-understand language what exactly is blockchain and the significant role it will play in the future of humanity. The uncertaintyContinue reading

Java Tutorial for Beginners

Link to Java Notes : Timestamps 0:00 Introduction Install Java - 01:00 Sample Code - 06:05 Comments - 07:34 Our 1st Program - 08:37 Variables - 11:23 Data Types - 14:00 Strings - 23:13 Arrays - 29:33 Casting - 42:32 Constants - 48:05 Operators(Arithmetic & Assignment) - 49:52 Math class - 57:59 Taking InputContinue reading