Who needs cash when there’s BTC?

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As an early investor in Bitcoin, an expert on the world of FinTech, and an advocate for monetary reform, it’s no exaggeration to call BnkToTheFuture founder Simon Dixon an oracle on the crypto industry. Simon joins Jason Butcher on Off the Ledger to share his thoughts on the evolution of cryptocurrencies, how it is reshapingContinue reading

The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

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Ultimate cryptocurrency trading course tutorial for beginners. Go from beginner to confident crypto trader. How to trade cryptocurrency for beginners, how to buy crypto, invest in crypto, learn crypto technical analysis and more.

Lecture: Damian Culhane talks about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Beyond

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How exactly does Cryptocurrency work? How our future lives are going to change when we start using this new currency and how ‘soon’ that future is? In this TEDx talk Damian Culhane explains in an easy-to-understand language what exactly is blockchain and the significant role it will play in the future of humanity. The uncertaintyContinue reading