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How to Focus Better! Forget ‘Smart Drugs’ … This Is What You Need

January 25 - March 31

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Discover how to turn extraordinary performance into an effortless habit with this FREE masterclass.

You’ll go deeper on leveraging the triggers of flow to activate the big 5 neurochemicals and be 500% more productive, 600% more creative and cut learning times in half.

Sound good? Watch the free masterclass from Steven Kotler, bestselling neuroscience author and peak performance expert.

He’ll step you through further details about the valuable information highlighted in this video…

The 7 Core Characteristics of Flow:
• Action and awareness merge
• Selflessness
• Timelessness
• Effortlessness
• Paradox of control
• Intrinsic motivation
• Richness

10 Individual Triggers of Flow:
• Passion/purpose
• Risk
• Novelty
• Complexity
• Unpredictability
• Deep embodiment
• Immediate feedback
• Clear goals
• Challenge/skills ratio
• Creativity/pattern recognition

10 Group Triggers of Flow:
• Complete concentration
• Shared goals
• Shared risk
• Yes and…
• Close listening
• Autonomy/A sense of control
• Blending egos
• Familiarity
• Equal participation
• Open communication

The 3 Sides of the High Performance Triangle:
• Motivation
• Creativity
• Learning

The Big 5 Neurochemicals:
• Norepinephrine
• Dopamine
• Endorphins
• Anandamide
• Serotonin


January 25
March 31
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